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TEFL courses

TEFL partner

For our TEFL courses, we have partnered with Global English -  "training people to teach English since 1996"

They have very competitive prices already BUT - if you use 'TOFU' at their checkout, you get a further 10% discount!!!

250h Level 5

  Advanced TEFL

Ideal if you want a prestigious qualification and better worldwide job opportunities. One of the most advanced entry-level TESOL courses possible online.

COURSE FEE - £395.00

150h Level 4

    TEFL Online

An in-depth accredited TESOL training course for career minded people. This is a perfect entry level course for more competitive TEFL destinations, such as Europe.

COURSE FEE - £295.00

120h Level 3

   TEFL Premier

Since a 120 hour qualification is usually the minimum requirement for TEFL jobs,  with this course you can launch your teaching career with confidence. Ideal if you are looking to work in Asia. 

COURSE FEE - £275.00

The TEFL bundle is the perfect option for everyone who wants to start teaching English in China but has no TEFL certificate. You will get a quality TEFL course PLUS a guaranteed TEFL internship in China for a price lower than most TEFL certificates alone!!!

TEFL Bundle

You get your 120h TEFL certificate - so the theory is sorted.

Then you will embark on your journey to the East (aka China internship) - here you will earn your spores in teaching English.

After that, you will be an experienced teacher and the world of teaching English will be wide open.

The main hurdle to get a well-paid teaching job is experience - With the bundle it's as easy as pie.

The major benefit of the bundle is that you will get your English teaching theory and practice in one. No-one will question your credentials after that as you are a qualified teacher. And this TEFL bundle is much cheaper than most TEFL/TESOL certificates to start with! 

Qualification beats paper - a fact!