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TEFL Internship programme

Spend between 4 and 6 months living and teaching English in China. The Internship Programme gives you the opportunity to experience the real China. It is designed as a cultural exchange experience where ‘East meets West’.
You will learn Mandarin, discover Chinese culture and customs and explore China’s education system. At the same time, you will get your first teaching experience with Chinese students.

China - here I come

Programme highlights

• Monthly allowance and flight reimbursement upon completion
• Amazing 4 - 6 months teaching placement

• 24/7 support, and network of interns

• Free accommodation, with bills (gas, electricity) of up to RMB 150 included

• 3 meals a day, 5 days a week at your school, or a meal allowance

• Airport pick up and transfers to your school

• Help with visa paperwork. Please note, you’ll need to budget £190 for your visa as well as police background check

• A network of new friends

• Post-internship opportunities – many of our interns continue teaching or go travelling!

While teaching in China, you will have 24/7 local support - so you will never be truly alone. There will always somebody who will help you to integrate into local life - whether you have a question about your placement or as simple as where you can buy Western food, there will be help on every step of your journey.

By the end of the five months, you will have many doors open. Whether you want to carry on teaching, go travelling or start your career back home. This programme is an amazing experience, you will never forget.

5 reason why we think you should go:

  • Experience China like a local - not a tourist. Find your own favourite street food vendor and become friends.

  • Give and take - Feel special and make a difference to others future.

  • Experience traditional celebrations, like the lantern festival or the dragon boat festival - Tomb Sweeping Day, anyone?

  • Be in safe hands in China with a reputable and government backed provider.

  • Make friends for life with other interns and your new Chinese friends.


• 120 Hour TEFL Course from ANY provider - you don't have one yet? 

• To be a fluent English speaker aged between 18-40

• To have a UK, USA, Australian, Irish, New Zealand or Canadian passport / or be fluent English!!!

• To have completed high school/ secondary school

• Valid police check from your home country

• A sense of adventure and an open mind!

Before you go

Once you've booked your space, we'll send off your documents to our partner in China. Then you can find out more about the internship and they can get to know you! The team is always there to make your trip as easy as possible and to this end are happy to answer any questions about these issues and more. They can advise you on everything up to and including what to pack, the actual packing, though, you’ll have to do yourself.


Where in China could you teach?

The placement mainly takes place in Sichuan province. Other possible locations are Shanxi province, Luoyang and Inner Mongolia. Although we can't guarantee where you'll be placed in China, you can express a preference where you teach.

Answers to most of your questions
(aka FAQ):
  • How many hours will I be teaching?

You'll be teaching for approximately 15 hours a week, but will work for 35 hours in total at your school, preparing lessons, attending meetings and partaking in fun activities like the annual school play.

  • How old or young do I need to be to be an intern?

The age of the participants does vary, with people from 18 through to 50 joining the programme.

  • How old or young will be my students?

The age of your students can vary, depending on where you will be placed. They can be any age between Kindergarten - Primary - Secondary - High School and University level. 

You will be asked to nominate your preference of placement, but due to school applications and the varying numbers of candidates, these are not guaranteed.​​

  • Why should I choose the internship over a  TEFL job?

The internship is perfect if you are apprehensive about moving abroad by yourself as you will be offered so much support. On the internship, our in-country partner will be there to support you in any way you need. Additionally, the internship programme has been developed especially for teachers who are new to TEFL, with specific inclusions in the programme that differ to standard TEFL jobs in China, including shorter contracts, a tailored orientation, prearranged accommodation, and the fact you don’t need a university degree or teaching experience (something many jobs in China can ask for). 

  • Can I be placed with a friend?

Our partners will certainly do their best to place you together, but we’d recommend applying as early as possible to give yourself the best possible chance and make sure you let us know as soon as you apply.

  • Do interns have a point of contact at the school? 

Yes, there will be an English-speaking staff member at the school to assist with your integration. 

  • How many students will there be in my class?

You will typically teach 25-50 students depending on their age – the younger your students are, the smaller the class will be.

  • Will interns have to pay tax? 


  • Will I have any spare time during the internship to explore? 

You can arrange travel on your days off and on public holidays. There are two main public holidays a year, which last a week each. You will also have time around your teaching timetable to explore the city which you’re in and spend time with your new friends.