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All About

TOFU Education

TOFU Education is part of TOFU Management, an education and marketing agency based in London / UK.

Among other things, we organise and run English Study Tours to the UK for Chinese students. We run the English Study Tour programme with one of our Chinese partners, which is affiliated with the Sichuan government.

Our Chinese partner also operates the TEFL China programme successfully for over 20 years - and we help them to find the right TEFL candidates.

We receive a (modest) commission for every successful candidate - we don't take any part of the participants salary!


Sascha (here pictured at a University presentation in China), runs the TEFL recruitment and you will probably speak with him, when you apply for the TEFL China programme. He used to be a foreign language teacher himself, so he understands most of your concerns. Although he speaks fluent English he did not teach English but you might guess when you talk with him (>accent!)

TOFU Education is part of TOFU Management, a consultancy and agency dedicated to bridging the gap between businesses from the UK and China. 

Visit for more info's and meet the team.


If you have wondered - TOFU stands for Talent, Opportunities, Fulfilment and U (you).


Whether it be supporting businesses or people in education, we believe in uniting talent with opportunities and creating fulfilment of your dreams.