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Teach English in China with TOFU Education

Teach away in China


Teach English in China: TEFL Internship

and professional programme

Qualified teacher
TEFL courses

You want to spend your gap year with a cause and get paid or start a career in teaching or discover China during your sabbatical or a career change or always wanted to go but never found the right time? Teach English in China with a paid TEFL internship. Experience this incredible country and its people like a local. Make friends, eat strange-new food, boost your CV with China experience and have a lot of fun.

China TEFL programmes​

Qualified TEFL teachers

For our TEFL China teacher programme, we work with trusted, long-term partners in China - The government supported Sichuan Education Association in Chengdu offers a wide range of placements in public schools (everything from public kindergarten to Universities). The advantage working in a public school is: Usually fewer working hours from Monday to Friday and weekends off. But in general, public pays less than private. Teaching English is an exciting and serious job requiring dedication, cultural flexibility, organisation, respect, creativity, enthusiasm and professionalism. 
We also offer placements in private schools. You can expect a higher salary than in public schools but in general, you are also expected to work longer hours and sometimes weekend. 

It all depends on your (career)plan. Please contact us and we will advise and discuss the best option for you.

Paid TEFL internship​

You are a fresh graduate with a TEFL or TESOL certificate? You want to teach English in China? No experience? Or you just want to see whether teaching English abroad is for you? And you don't want to commit for a whole year?


Then the paid TEFL / TESOL internship is the perfect first step for you into teaching English abroad. It gives you valuable teaching experiences while making friends from all around the world and allowing you to explore China in a unique way.

This TEFL internship allows you to get a comprehensive understanding of Chinese culture and language as well as living independently and develop personal and professional skills. 


TEFL Bundle: 120h TEFL course + Internship

TOFU Education works with reliable and tested Chinese partners such as a government-supported Education Association in Chengdu and GTE Group, an international education centre based in Qingdao / Shandong province.

We help you to make a change


We at TOFU want to make the world a better place - Simple. And it all starts with you. Change people's lives and help them to achieve their dreams. Get inspired by a new culture. Create something new in making new connections. Teach English in China, sometimes it is as simple as that. And get paid for it!

Review - China TEFL 

Jessica Zier

Overall, this has been a really great experience and I do not regret coming at all. The teaching has really built my confidence up and I no longer fear speaking to a crowd. We have been well looked after by TOFU education and the school. The money the internship gives easily covers the cost of food with some left over to do local exploring on weekends. Although the language barrier can be hard at times, there is definitely something peaceful about not being able to understand what people are saying around you! I will leave China with fond memories and I am sure that I will quickly miss the friendliness of people and the delicious food that I get to eat everyday.